Scale to fit | 2013

Technique | Series | Stack

Scale to fit is another project within the theme, Reuse | Reduce | Recycle to design a series of container.


Toaster | 2013

Emotion | History | Function

Toaster is a project within the theme, Reuse | Reduce | Recycle.

Tea Infuser | 2013

Technique | Emotion | Shape

We were asked to design hand tool for this project.

Mantou | 2013

Story | Emotion | Function

This project is about designing a cutting board and knife that fit specific bread.

10 Destinations | 2013

Story | Education | Set

Seedbomb | 2013

Education | Fun | Interaction

10 Destination was a project with theme Food for fun which as was intended to reminds kids of healthy eating hobbit in a fun way.

Seedbomb machine is a group project within Food for fun event.


Rainbell | 2012

Emotion | Form | Material

With theme water, I developed this Rainbell.

Lighthouse | 2012

Emotion | Form | Efficiency

Trying to apply some of our strongest pigment we made some juice cartridges.

Beach hut | 2012

Technique | Form | Ergonomic

Beach hut is an imaginary project with the application of sand printer.

Bag | 2012

Material | Form | Technique


Based on the studies of Cube, I continued the assignment to design bags.


Glasses | 2012

Material | Form | Function

Based on the same result of cube, the glasses are also developed.

Chocolate Bar | 2012

Form | Emotion | Packaging

In this assignment, we were asked to design mono chocolate bar.

Birdhouse | 2011

Material | Form | Function

Hoox | 2011

Function | Form | Material

Birdhouse is an assignment to design a birdhouse for a specific bird according to its pattern.

Hook was the theme for this project. I ask myself what kind of hooks and which application I want to adapt to assist my life.