500 grams | June 2014

Meditation | Limitation

500 grams


The repetitive muscular activities would trigger body’s relaxation response and steer the mind away from annoying and undesirable thoughts to refocus on the activity itself at the time. And this study aims to how it is like to find a peaceful mind through a repetitive activity and record the process.


Potter’s wheel is one of the activities that you can control the precise material used beforehand and in this project “500 grams of clay” is used as a limitation to challenge Chia Wei Wang's process of acquainting himself the skill and how it actually evolved through the journey of practicing the craft by reflecting to find an inner peach for each fresh start.


The final collection includes cups, bowls, plates, and some eccentric forms. Those tangible results are reflection of his limited talents within certain time, his perception of beauty in pursuing the quality of craftsmanship and the balanced state of mind.