Scale To Fit | JAN 2013

Coated PE paper | Water Proof Ink

Scale to fit is another project within the theme, Reuse | Reduce | Recycle to design a series of container. The containers should be able to fit into each other one way or another. The containers should also be produced in an economical way. I started to fold paper models because I think it’s the most cost efficient way to create 3D forms. Among those different techniques I choose one that could form different volume, height and shape which could be stacked to fit into each other. And I decided to simplify the folds and integrate on single sheet of paper with 5 different possibilities. The final decision I made was related to final materials. I experiment with coated paper and other plastic sheets with printed pattern for folding. And the coated waterproof paper was chosen.

5 folding pattern in one

Folding studies

Video Demonstration