Seedbomb | JAN 2013

Wood | Copper Wire | Seeds | Plastic

Seedbomb machine is a group project within Food for fun event.

It is an event for kids between 6-8 year old kids. Together with Beate Snuka, Jie Chen, Maxime Mellot, we aimed to create a series of activities for kids to make their own seed-  bombs which contain companion vegetable seeds. They can throw the seedbombs in the garden to grow their own vegetables.

Prepare clay: Cut the clay into cubes and press a hole in the center

Prepare clay: Pick up the clay with a whole for seeds

Turn for your seeds: Select companion seeds

Fill the seeds in the clay cube

Prepare soil: Cover the cube with soil

Close the cube by hand

Make it round: Put the clay ball in the mould

Roll it up: Move the mould back and fourth and you have a round seedbomb ready!

Pack it up: Pack it up with a piece of textile and close it with a little tag instruction

The seedbomb is ready!

Kids hands on with the machine