SOH-A | June 2014

Polyester Ropes | Weaving | 3D printing


Tie them on

These handmade sandals of polyester rope and rubber are a modern interpretation of traditional straw shoes from East Asia. With the straw sandals in mind, Chia Wei Wang designed some interesting extras for more comfort, durability and style. The structure of the footbed with an insert for arch support stimulates and massages the sole; the freedom of the toes will ensure a better gait and healthier body posture. And the use of colourful outdoor sports ropes makes them not only attractive but also more durable. Wang: “With these add-ons I hope to save a place for this beautiful traditional folk art in our present-day lifestyle.”

Quote from Graduation Catlogue Design Academy Eindhoven 2014

Model | Graphic Design: Arielle Andreotti

The shop installation at  Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2014

The  loom for weaving

Color variations

Arch Support | Footbed support | Fixture